Dear Sir/Madam,

The purpose of this letter is to provide my unqualified recommendation of SLC Commercial, and in particular Ken and Patty Novak, for Commercial building management and leasing services. A little background on my experience with them.

For the last 20 years I have been the attorney for Fairview South, Inc., the owner of the SunTrust Building located at 2400 SE Federal Highway in Stuart. This is the Martin County headquarters for SunTrust, and is a class A office building with a full covered parking garage. For the first 15 years I was Vice President and in house counsel, and we managed the building ourselves. In 2009 we turned over management and leasing to SLC Commercial, one of the most reputable and successful brokerage and management companies in the area.

To what you need to hear.  The company, and Ken and Patty in particular, are excellent in all respects. What you would expect is of course present; excellent tenant relations, timely response to any issues, aggressive marketing. However, since I maintain an office in the building as the owners representative and would have to be handling many other things on my own it is the extra things they provide that distinguish them. They are constantly looking for ways and making excellent suggestions to improve the building and help its marketing in these difficult times.

They also handle the accounting for the building and have come up with numerous ways to save costs, while improving the buildings appearance at the same time. It is a rare occasion that I have to call them about a problem or issue. Usually they’re bringing it to me, with a proposed solution and quotes.

In essence, I am more than satisfied with every aspect of their work.


W. Martin Bonan, Esq.
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SLC Commercial/Ken & Patty Novak Recommended for Building and Rental Management Services

To whom it may concern,

As President of S&S Enterprises Inc. and Managing Member of Seabranch Square LLC, until I retired in December of 2013, I worked closely with Ken Novak of SLC Commercial. Ken was our property Manager and Leasing Agent starting in July of 2010, when he took over from an agent we were not happy with. During the almost 4 years we worked together, I had weekly if not more often contact with Ken.

As you know that was a difficult time in the commercial real estate business. Ken managed out costs, our existing tenants and our marketing very well. He is an “all around real estate professional”. He found and qualified prospects in a tough market and followed up to make sure we were able to sign them whenever possible.

I highly recommend Ken and if I were back in business in that area he would be the first person I would call.



Tom Vani
Vani & Associates, LLC
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Ken Novak – “all around real estate professional”

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Kenneth Novak of SLC Commercial for the position of Property Manager. Ken has been employed through SLC Commercial as my Property Manager since October 2014, to manage a 30,000 sf, two story office building located on a large 4 acre parcel in Palm City, Florida. I can honestly say, I have been very impressed with Ken’s knowledge of property management and his professionalism in all areas.

I have owned multiple properties throughout the years and I have never had such a dependable, honest employee and, added to this, Ken is a very pleasant person!

I would highly recommend Kenneth Novak and SLC Commercial for the position of Property Manager.


Sharon Russell
SMR Real Estate Inc.
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Highly Recommend Kenneth Novak /SLC Commercial for Property Management